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Do you like all the sites with many banners and cookies? More and more banners come from different servers to the document what you will visist. You must wait and wait and wait ...
Or do you like selfopened browserwindows with "important informations"? "Please click here ..." or "Find out more about ..." or "Special offer ..."- no this is not my world!
Yes - I know that publicity is important for many parts of the web - but it's not important for me!
I will show you a different way ...

On a separate document I list all the thinks I need in the moment or in the next time. Some of the thinks are make work easier and other not so much required - "but nice to have" on work. All thinks are expensive and I can't buy all ...

If you will sponsore a part I will offer your logo only on the sponsorlist-page. The other pages from me are only for information and not for publicity. But if you will sponsore one of the two "top-ranking-require" I will take your logo at all pages on the footer or the header for one year. The other top-ranking-require is for the other part of all the pages. If you take the header the other part sponsor get the footer and vice versa. Your logo is shown for one year at all old and new pages from me on

If you have question or do you will sponsore some thinks please contact me per email!

Thank you for your interest.

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