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3. Installation

You can get gnokii from gnokiis-homepage:

Gnokii-package is available in some different formats: rpm and tgz. To install the tgz unpack the package with

tar xvzf filename
The first address after unpack is file README in dir gnokii - all important parts you can read in it.

3.1 What Gnokii needs for communication over infrared

Since version **FIX_ME** gnokii contains everything that you need in software for infrared-communication.

On the other side you need some hardware:

  1. nokia mobile phone with infrared-port. Some phones are: 6110, 6150
  2. infrared-port on your pc or notebook. In moment only SIR works with gnokii, because phones are limmited to 115200 bps.

3.2 Installing and Configuring the Software

All steps needed to install and configure gnokii are described in README. Here is the short way for configure infrared with gnokii:

  1. Copy the file sample.gnokiirc as .gnokiirc in your homedir.
    cp sample.gnokiirc ~/.gnokiirc
  2. Edit the ~/.gnokiirc file:
    port       = /dev/ttyS1 # Set this to the port where you infrared-equipment is connected.
    model      = 6150       # Set up to your model.
    connection = infrared   # If you want connection over cable set this to serial.
  3. Make the complete gnokii-software with make in gnokii-dir.

Thats all! If you use infrared in ~/.gnokiirc all parts of the gnokii-distribution use communication over infrared! This parts are in moment:

  1. gnokii
  2. xgnokii
  3. gnokiid

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